Studio Mick by Caroline Kaiser

illustration – surface pattern design – printmaking – storytelling

The style of Studio Mick is a mix of delicate and expressive, abstract, often botanical stylized elements, with the addition of hand-marked loose geometrics and an undeniable preference for dots and stripes, all together in a limited color palette inspired by folk art mainly in blue and red shades and infused by a strong interest in Japonism.

I am passionate, authentic and truly me. I create to never ever lose the twinkle in my eyes.
Caroline Kaiser

Photo by Jean Bettingen, courtesy of Luxembourg House

A cozy space to create

Studio Mick is based in Luxembourg (Europe)

36, rue de Weiler L-3328 Crauthem

Please call+352 28 77 33 94 for an appointment or get in touch here

Live snippets from the studio