Hello, I’m Caroline, creative soul and entrepreneur, Japan lover and passionate illustrator, storyteller, printmaker and surface pattern designer.

I was born an artist and I believe it to be my purpose and destiny.

I am passionate, authentic and truly me.

I create to never ever lose the twinkle in my eyes.

All my creations start with a pencil on paper, followed by water coloring, inking or printing, often in combination. Using my digital skills in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, my illustrations are transformed into patterns and artworks for print. I love to draw, but I am also a printmaker at heart. Seeing my work displayed on different materials, especially fabric and paper, make my heart jump with joy.

Studio Mick is derived from ‘Les Mille Idées de Caroline Kaiser’ M I C K, my very first studio name. It literally means ‘The one thousand ideas of Caroline Kaiser’. When I decided to shorten the name, the idea came up to only use the first letters, in order to secretly keep the message of the ‘one thousand ideas’ that define me and my studio so well. Some people call me Mick and it makes me smile. 

Welcome to my enchanting universe where the magic happens and illustrations come to life!


Studio Mick, independent creative studio owner (LU) – since 2008
officially certified ‘Made in Luxembourg’ (LU) – since 2014
Happy to Create (USA) – contributing product designer, 2011-2012
ScrapGirls (USA) – contributing product designer, 2008-2011

Art and design studies

Universität Trier (DE) – bachelor of arts, Japanology and Art History, 2020-2023

Bonnie Christine, Immersion and Flourish (USA) – surface pattern design, 2019
CEPA (LU) – Alan Johnston, watercolor and urban sketching, 2019
CEPA Summerakademie (LU) – Asun Parrilla, woodblock printing, 2019 – Elsa Huet, visual storytelling, 2019
Design Garden (UK)  – Sabina Radeva & Denise Holmes, illustration and artistic design, picture book illustration, 2015-2018
Let’s Make Picture Books (USA) – picture book illustration, Denise Holmes & Stephanie Fizer Coleman, 2020
OfG Online Schule für Gestaltung (DE) – graphic design, 2013-2014
Valerie Randall, creative director extraordinaire (USA) – design and illustration, 2008
Victoria Johnson, Create Collections (IT) – art and collections, 2020

Product showcases

1535° Creative Hub (LU) – invited illustrator, Zoom Editions, 2017
Europapark (DE) – officially invited designer, Luxembourg Day, 2016
Lët’z Go Local (LU) – De lokale Maart – Local market, 2015-2016
Luxembourg House (LU) – contributing creator, since 2015
Luxembourg Village, Christmas Market, Strasbourg (FR) – officially invited designer, 2015
MUDAM Musée d’Art Moderne (LU) – featured designer Luxembourg Corner and Marché des créateurs, 2016
Foire de Printemps, stand Made in Luxembourg Chambre de Commerce (LU) – featured creator, 2015
Salon Top Kids, Luxexpo (LU) – invited creator, 2015
Visit Remich (LU) – contributing creator, since 2020

Magazine publications

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine by Creating Keepsakes (USA) – 2008
Scrapbooking Memories (AU) – 2009
Somerset Memories by Stampington & Co (USA) – 2013, 2010, 2009
Somerset Digital Studio by Stampington & Co (USA) – 2011, 2009